drumMUSTER appeals


In an effort to increase the number drums being returned for recycling, drumMUSTER has launched a new campaign calling on farmers across South Australia to bring in their drums for recycling. It is hoped the campaign will change the mindset of farmers and other agricultural and veterinary chemical users who are not disposing their chemical containers in an environmentally friendly way.

drumMUSTER SA Consultant David Jesse said that he had hoped drum returns would have increased given that most of the drumMUSTER sites are now holding ongoing collections. In the past, farmers relied on advertisements promoting drumMuster collections in their region.

In South Australia most drumMuster facilities are open longer or accept drums during usual business hours. It may be necessary to book at some sites before drums can be returned. Riverland drumMuster sites are located in Loxton, Monash, Renmark and Waikerie. Mr Jesse said that while most drumMuster sites had been open five days a week for over a year there was not an increase in returns.

drumMUSTER has collected more than 23 million drums nationally since 1999. In South Australia there were more than 280,000 drums collected in 2011. This had declined to 230,000 in 2013. This drop in numbers is due, in part, to the increased use of returnable containers.

For more information on the Riverland drumMuster sites visit the website.

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