Drying Rack Wanted

Tim Wildman, MW is seeking the use of a drying rack in the Barmera/Berri/Loxton area for two weeks in late February/early March.

In 2017 Tim started a project air drying Muscat of Alexandria grapes (Gordo) with the intention of making a high quality sweet wine from Riverland fruit. He dried two tonnes of fruit which eventually became a barrel of very sweet, concentrated wine, which is still slowly fermenting.

Tim hopes to produce one barrel every year and after four or five years blend them together using a sherry-like solera system to create a complex, fine sweet wine from the Riverland. 

On the island of Pantelleria near Sicily the local Zibibbo grape (Muscat of Alexandria) is air dried to make one of Italy’s finest sweet wines, Passito di Pantelleria.

Tim got the idea of utilising the drying racks of the Riverland along with the old vine Gordo to create what could be potentially a truly fine wine out of two locally significant but largely undervalued resources. 

If you think you could help Tim with his Riverland Passito Project please don’t hesitate to get in touch, phone 0428 920 355 or email.


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