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Wine industry news channels are clamouring to report low production levels following the northern hemisphere 2017vintage. This week the international Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) has estimated global wine production will tally 8% lower than 2016.

The OIV report is here for members to peruse


 The Association has taken calls this week from ‘interested parties’ from south, east and west of the region, all keen to receive the register of uncontracted Riverland grapes. As suggested in recent communiques, now is not the time to rush in and sign any old offer, especially if it’s scrawled on the back of a pie bag! Past experience has taught valuable lessons about the quality of relationships and the desirability of quality contracts or grape purchase agreements.  That’s not to say such contacts must be more than 30 pages long to be considered ‘quality contracts’. The best contracts are clear and coherent; straightforward with the three essential elements of Offer, Acceptance and most importantly, Consideration.

‘Consideration’ is the indication or statement of what a purchaser will offer in exchange for winegrapes. It is normally expressed as a price per tonne but there can be variations, so long as both parties agree and both sign the contract or agreement.

The Riverland Wine ‘Spot Purchase Wine Grape Agreement’ has stood the test of time. It’s simple but sound. Members are welcome to use it. Download a copy or call Kate on 8584 5816

Spot Purchase: http://www.riverlandwine.com.au/resources/tool-box/grapes-for-sale.html

Chances are that if growers have good quality, uncontracted, preferred varieties for sale, there will be more than one buyer keenly interested. It may be wise to list available grapes in the Register and be prepared to wait till prices are being discussed in weeks to come. The Shed meetings will be an opportunity to share thoughts about reasonable 2018 price ranges.

Incidentally, we now have a second SHED at 390 Virgo Road Waikerie. Thanks Anthony Fulwood. More details when the invitations are sent out.

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