ECO TRELLIS ® sustainable and environmentally friendly vineyard trellising option

Steve Pearce, National Sales Manager for NZ Tube Mills in New Zealand, is a regular reader of our newsletter and took particular notice of the most recent edition and the ongoing issues and concerns relating to CCA treated timber.


“We all recognise that sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices are increasingly important and that there are many sustainable solutions that can be implemented into many parts of the industry supply chain, however one of the main non-contributors to sustainability, CCA timber, is still an ongoing concern for many vineyards and the environmental time bomb that is looming for them,” said Steve.

Timber is accepted as a relatively cheap option (initially) than most other alternatives, however as has been seen from the mountains of snapped CCA posts littering vineyards nationally and internationally, it appears that the true cost may not be factored in to the total cost and the long-term issue is possibly being handballed onto the next generation.

There are several alternative steel trellising systems on the market that are currently being used in place of CCA timber, those being our own extensively used and award winning EcoTrellis® and others such as Ocloc, and Gripfast to name a few.

Whilst steel is generally more expensive than traditional wood there are some massive longer term financial benefits from their use such as the ease of installation, very little breakage, fully recyclable thus eliminating mountains of environmentally unsafe broken wooden posts and with the growth and improved returns of organics, the switch from traditional to organic is seamless.

There may always be a place for timber but the longer-term benefits by utilising accepted steel trellis alternatives is truly in the grower’s hands.

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