Eco Vineyards

EcoVineyards is a 2-year project which commenced late last year in eight South Australian wine grape growing regions.

The project incorporates native insectary plants to create biodiverse ecosystems in and around vineyards which have the capacity to provide benefits including weed suppression, erosion control, nutrient cycling, soil water retention, improved soil organic carbon and biological activity. Establishing native insectary plants, should help growers save time and resources by producing healthy grapes, with lower pest incidence while at the same time, enhancing the resilience and biodiversity of their vineyard

Riverland growers selected in the program include John and Luke Lory, Brett Rosenzweig – Rosy Ridge Farms and Sheridan Alm – Starrs Reach Vineyards who will also be available throughout the day to talk about their project.

“By using native vegetation and insect populations endemic to our region, we hope to work towards a ‘whole of vineyard’ approach,” said Sheridan.

“Building natural resilience should improve profitability over time. The benefits of environmental stewardship, adapting to a changing climate and long-term sustainability are obvious and any wine grape grower who has experienced drought, hail and bushfire is aware of this.

Projects like EcoVineyards help break a big issue into smaller, more achievable goals and may ultimately dispel some of the myths around being ‘green’ eating into profit,” Sheridan added.

Learn more about the project at Starrs Reach Vineyard on the WGCSA website 

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