EcoVineyards Update

As the end of the first year of the EcoVineyard project approaches, now is a good time to update and share some new resources recently been provided to the local EcoGrowers. These are also now available on the WGCSA website. 

WGCSA is planning to convene field days in October and November. Project partner, Dr Mary Retallick has visited the Riverland, offering support to the EcoGrowers – Brett Rosenzweig; John and Luke Lory; and Sheridan Alm. 

Fact sheets, complementing current and future projects, have been provided to each of the EcoGrowers. The fact sheets: Pre-European plant species lists – specific to the Riverland; Fire resistant native insectary plants found in in South Australia; An introduction to native insectary plants; and Designing your EcoVineyards project, getting started and next steps including a simple BAP (Biodiversity Action Plan); are also available on the WGCSA website,

Since the project commenced, there has been interest from other grapegrowers wanting to introduce greater biodiversity in their vineyards and seeking information on how to get started. More information is available on the WGCSA website.

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