Field day next Thursday

A fantastic opportunity to attend a free event and learn more about new trends in precision viticulture and how they could be used on farm is set for the 1st December at the Kingston Town Hall KOM.


Riverland Wine, CCW Co-op and Riverland Viticulture Technical Group have partnered with Society for Precision Agriculture Australia and Natural Resources SA Murray-Darling Basin to bring a field day about all things precision viticulture.

The event aims to increase the adoption of precision viticulture (PV) by grape growers and better understand how to manage variability in their vineyards. Robin Schaefer, President of SPAA said “the support from industry and government is fantastic. It highlights the importance of PV technologies in securing business strength in the wine industry – about improving farm sustainability and the profits of grape growers by managing in – block variability and targeting specific yields and fruit qualities”.

Chris Byrne, EO of Riverland Wine, said “we’re extremely happy to be working and supporting SPAA on this event. Having specialist advice in this topic will help growers target their resources in an informed way, improve grape and wine quality, help to define their farm environment and ultimately assist them remain financially viable. We’ve been aiming to encourage farmers to apply PV technologies, but the perception has been that PV technologies are only relevant to corporate growers; we’d like to change that perception. This workshop will assist them in using the equipment to their best advantage”.

“Along with the increasing use and push of smart farming and apps for agriculture, SPAA will showcase “must have” apps for the wine industry. We’ll highlight the features and why these apps need to be on your smart device” said Robin.

The workshop will be filled with theory and practical information and will teach vineyard managers the tools associated with apps and smart devices, remote sensing and aerial imagery, drones, and finish up with information on putting it all together to achieve a meaningful result.

The workshop will include presentations from Richard Hamilton (Hamilton Viticulture), Hans Loder (Southern Precision), Scarlett Lui (University of NSW) and Dr Everard Edwards (CSIRO) who bring the robotics Grover to the region. This represents a very rare opportunity for growers to be able to discuss PV with some of the national leaders in PV service provision. Our presenters will use examples to dispel the common perceptions that: precision agriculture is only for those managing large scales, or that it is too expensive; that managers already know where variability and differences are on farm and that they cannot see the benefit for such tools.

According to Nicole Dimos, SPAA Executive Officer, “the event offers vineyard managers and workers an opportunity to become familiar with PV technologies in a “hands on” learning environment”. I’m sure the farm equipment demonstrations will prove a popular feature on the day”.

 “It’s all about getting you thinking about the possibilities for your business, to help make it efficient and sustainable” said Mark May, Sustainable Agriculture Officer from Natural Resources SA Murray-Darling Basin. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned user, you’ll find handy tips to make PA technology and techniques work better for your farm.

The event will be hosted on Thursday 1st December at Kingston on the Murray and is supported by the SAMDB NRM Board, through NRM levies and funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme, and Wine Australia’s Regional Program.

For more information about or register to attend the upcoming workshops, contact SPAA on or Nicole Dimos on 0437 422 000 or visit

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Thursday 1 December 2017 11:30am – 5:30pm Kingston-on-Murray Town Hall

Cost: FREE

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