Fruit Fly Reminder

Biosecurity SA is urging all residents and visitors in the SA Riverland to be ‘fruit fly aware’ to ensure our status as being an area that is free of fruit fly is maintained.

While the Riverland is free of fruit fly, detections occur from time to time in South Australia.  Fruit fly has been a particular problem in the Sunraysia in recent years, and we do not want to provide any opportunity for fruit fly to become a problem for our fruit and vegetable industries in the Riverland.

Riverland residents are asked to be especially  vigilant, by reminding family, friends and work associates visiting the region not to bring fruit and vegetables into the Riverland unless the produce complies with SA’s strict quarantine restrictions. Fruit fly can only enter the Riverland in infested fruit.

What Riverlanders can do to help:


  • Immediately report any maggots found in fruit directly to PIRSA Plant Health on 1300 666 010.
  • Respect South Australia’s strong quarantine laws and don’t bring fruit into SA from interstate that isn’t certified.
  • If you are a fruit grower, clean up any fallen or unused fruit and dispose of it in an appropriate manner. Gathered fruit should be sealed in plastic bags and disposed of through your usual rubbish collection system..
  • If you are a commercial grower and harvesting at the moment, make sure your contract pickers/seasonal staff don’t bring fruit and vegetables into the Riverland. 

Ensure that fruit bins entering from Victoria are clean; that produce being sourced from Victoria has been appropriately treated and meets South Australia’s strict quarantine entry requirements; and also ensure contractors don’t bring fruit fly onto your property or into SA.
Biosecurity SA remains committed to maintaining our fruit fly free status and ensuring our state’s growers benefit from the  competitive advantage  this gives to local producers and in particular, those in the Riverland.

If you have any concerns or would like to discuss these requirements further, please contact PIRSA Plant Health on 1300 666 010.

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