Eradicate the pest. Do the survey… now!

Horticulture Innovation Australia is leading a collaborative project funded through the Rural R&D for Profit program. The project ‘Adaptive Area Wide Management of Qfly using SIT’ seeks to provide the scientific basis for area wide fruit fly management at a regional level within Australia and will develop guidelines for efficient and effective pest suppression using SIT as part of AWM.

The project is conducting a survey to collect information to help guide AWM research– that it is useful and appropriate to each region. Growers, packers and consultants are encouraged to take part in the survey.


All answers will be anonymous and will be collated. Information provided will be treated in confidence and will not be used for any other purpose than to help fruit fly research.

For further information about the survey or fruit fly research, please contact Penny Measham phone (03) 9691 3527, 0417 525 904 or email  

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