Fruit Fly Update

Following an outbreak of fruit fly declared in Loxton on December 7, larvae have since been detected in the 1.5km outbreak area, resulting in an extension of quarantine restrictions until at least April 15, 2019.


While this outbreak does not impact on the fruit fly status of the rest of the Riverland Pest Free Area or the state, it is important that the risk of spread is minimised by placing controls on produce grown in the outbreak and suspension areas, in addition to a comprehensive eradication program currently being undertaken in the fruit fly affected area.

Conditions have been placed on the movement of wine grapes grown in the outbreak and suspension areas.  Growers, wineries and carriers are obligated to comply with these conditions, as the strength of Australia’s biosecurity system and the response measures put in place in the event of an outbreak of fruit fly underpin ongoing access to lucrative export markets for our horticultural produce.

Additional information, including updates and maps of the exclusion zones, are available on the PIRSA and Vinehealth Australia websites.


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