Fruit fly

The summer holiday season is upon us and the visitors will be streaming in.  It’s amazing how many who travel to this region are unaware of the risk of fruit fly to our horticultural industries.  It’s crucial that we all share responsibility for educating our friends and relatives about the world’s most costly and damaging fruit pest.


Did you know that a fruit fly outbreak:

  • Requires growers in the declared quarantine zone to destroy all unpicked and fallen fruit.
  • Can restrict grower access to sensitive domestic markets.
  • Can also restrict grower access to the Adelaide markets for 12 weeks and valuable international markets for up to 12 months.
  • Can drastically damage the Riverland brand as well as individual brands.
  • Often means people temporarily lose their jobs.
  • When established in an area, can increase the cost of producing fruit (eg oranges) by up to $4 per case.

Make sure all your friends and rellies leave their fruit and vegetables at home. Let them know we have ‘plenty of everything right here in the Riverland!



Image Source: constantincornel / 123RF Stock Photo

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