Future Leaders 17 applications now open

Future Leaders applications are now open for people who are ready to step up and be next in leading Australia’s grape and wine community to future prosperity.

The program, funded by Australian Vignerons, Wine Australia and Winemakers’ Federation of Australia, creates a network of confident, committed individuals who will “be next” to contribute the future success of the Australian wine community.

This year, Future Leaders has been re-shaped and re-aligned with Pragmatic Thinking brought on board to facilitate the 2017 program, and will explore new avenues in business, marketing and governance, and also look at how global economics will shape the future.

Participants will look at new technology, how they can amplify the innovative thinking that already exists in our sector, and will learn contemporary approaches to people development and commercial success.

Anne Duncan, Global Knowledge and People Development Manager at Wine Australia, is overseeing the 2017 program and says a leadership drought is one of the biggest risks the sector faces.

“The international and domestic wine markets are highly competitive and that’s not going to change. To ensure our sector’s future success we need the next generation of leaders to be ready to take us forward.

“We need leaders who can be catalysts for innovation, who can adapt to the inevitable changes that our sector will face in the future, and who can drive the continual evolution of the Australian wine story, be they winemakers, grapegrowers, export managers or researchers.”

Since its inception in 2006 there have been 91 Future Leaders alumni from the grape and wine community: winemakers, grapegrowers and viticulturists, business managers and marketers, suppliers and researchers, who have demonstrated the strong leadership and vision required to position Australia as a fine wine leader on the global stage.  Among them are RWGA chair Sheridan Alm, elected committee member Ashley Ratcliff and current Australian Vignerons CEO Andrew Weeks.

For more information, or to apply, visit the website.  Applications close on Monday, March 9, 2017.



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