Gems of the Riverland

London Riverland Wines has been invited by Wine Australia to conduct an exclusive “Gems of the Riverland” tasting and masterclass at the prestigious London International Wine Fair being held May 3rd – 5th at Olympia, London.


Philip Reedman, one of only 336 Masters of Wine globally, with over 30 year experience in the Australian wine industry will be presenting six outstanding Riverland Wines in a Masterclass and Tasting event at the Fair.

For more than 35 years, the London International Wine Fair has been a launch pad for new wines and businesses supplying the trade into the UK. Over 700 exhibitors from across the globe, exhibiting some 13,000 wines are expected at the show this year. In recent years, the programme seminars, masterclasses and tastings that take place at the Fair have, for many been of equal importance to the exhibitors themselves and form a key part of the trade fair’s make up.

The “Gems of the Riverland” tasting and masterclass scheduled for London is a significant event, not only for the Riverland but for the Australian Wine Industry in one of our most important export markets. Recognised around the globe for its proficiency in wine production, the region it is rapidly gaining a reputation for diversity, its suitability and preparedness to innovate and produce a wide range of varieties of Mediterranean influence.

Philip will be presenting a range of wines, mainly produced by the smaller, innovative, risk-taking producers of the region; those whose focus is on transform the regions’s long held reputation as Australia’s most prolific wine producer, to being the most innovative and diverse producer of new wines. In assessing these wines, Philip said “these wines not only illustrate the region’s diversity, complexity and innovative spirit but also its readiness to read the signs and prepare for the future”. The wineries participating in the event include; 919 Wines, Bassham Wines, Byrne Vineyards, Kingston Estate Wines, Mallee Estate Wines and Whistling Kite Wines. 

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