Get your grapes listed pronto

With the early signs of an upswing in demand in 2017, a number of growers have already contacted the Association and requested early publication and circulation of the ‘Grapes for Sale register.  The first issue will be distributed to SA wineries that crush more than 500 tonnes per annum in the first week of September.  If you are a member and if you have any uncontracted grapes, you are most welcome to have them listed with Riverland Wine.

All growers who list on the register will receive a Pro Forma Spot Purchase Contract to help secure a sound purchase contract and avoid the pitfalls of hand-shakes or agreements scratched out on the back of pie bags, when negotiating with buyers.  The contact is a simple but sufficient means of protecting grower’s interests.  If a potential buyer is not prepared to sign the contract or if alternative agreements are offered it’s important to check with an independent adviser before signing.

Growers with uncommitted grapes for the coming vintage should contact Kate phone (8584 5816) or email for more information.

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