Getting on with Business

By now members would have received invitations to the two full day workshops (10am to 4pm) on Friday, May 27 at the Berri Hotel and Thursday, June 23 at the Waikerie Football Club.

It goes without saying our industry is continuing to be challenged by a range of factors; water, certainly but also supply/demand, grape and wine prices, global markets, vineyard and winery asset values, succession planning and others.

The recent good news about WET Rebate policy reform was most welcome. Riverland Wine played a major role in reaching that outcome. That was a good example of what can be achieved when we work together. As the revised WET rules are implemented, we can expect a significant improvement in returns. The recent showcasing of six Riverland alternative varieties at the London International Wine Fair was another very significant step forward in a very positive way. There are many other reasons for this region’s ongoers to be optimistic if we continue working together.


The theme for the workshops is Getting on with Business. Both events will be facilitated by independent business advisers Dr Paul Dalby and Dr Darren Oemcke. The current situation will be evaluated, based on known facts and audience experience. Emerging opportunities will be identified, mapped and next steps proposed.

Every enterprise has different needs. It makes sense that future programs should be developed so that similar businesses can be ‘classified’ according to needs and opportunities. The workshops will pave the way for the development of more efficient and effective planning for each vineyard or winery business.

This is an opportunity for you to be heard and to help build the Riverland Wine region’s reputation for achievement, innovation, early adoption, perseverance and contribution to our community, our State and the National wine industry.

Please contact Kate to register for one of the sessions by phone 8584 5816 or email.

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