Getting on with new business

Australia’s largest wine producing region has turned the corner, out of the back straight. Indicators continue to be positive. While harvesters are warming up it seems reds are a tad short. This has caused a bit of a scrimmage among the majors and we’ve witnessed some very late (but welcome) fine tuning of indicative prices.

The next big challenge for the region’s on-goers is to do things differently to last time! As Albert Einstein, Henry Ford and Mark Twain all famously agreed, ‘If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got’. On-goers can’t afford to ease off now and just shuffle around one more time! New ways of doing business will be essential to maintain a competitive edge, smooth the peaks and troughs of ‘the long run’ and restore asset values.

To help members ‘do it differently’, Riverland Wine will run Breakfast meetings spread over 2 weeks in May. This scheduling will provide for a post harvest break but also encourage those with ‘recovery’ ambitions to understand and evaluate options. These meetings will be convened at Waikerie (May 16), Barmera (May 19), Renmark (May 23) and Loxton (May 26).  The theme will be Getting on with New Business.

Details are by no means finalised but the three delivery groups will each provide a summary of activities and new business directions so pick a date and mark it in the diary now. 


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