Global Wine Markets – March 2016

When you’ve thought about the water option you might also read the latest report from Ciatti, Global Wine and Grape Brokers. The March report illustrates just how volatile global wine markets are and how quickly things can change. Again this report is an easy read.

It provides a summary of bulk wine price trends in Australia and each of the wine producing nations we are competing with. The report suggests that overall, current average market pricing for grapes across Australia is up approximately 3% with the exceptions being Chardonnay, up approximately 24% and Gordos down 26%.

Disappointingly, at least one winery in this region has not yet finalised 2016 prices, despite the vintage being well past the ½ way point so some growers have the added complexity of not knowing what this year’s base line is.

Nevertheless, the trends are helpful pointers. The volatility in prices is evident, not making it easier to make choices but having an idea of what’s happening in competing markets at least helps guide thinking.

In another week or so, thousands of wine buyers from around the world, including some of our intrepid Riverland producers, will converge on Dusseldorf in Germany for Prowein, the largest wine fair on the planet to trade wine.

This event will also provide some interesting pointers for the near future in terms of what’s hot and what’s not. If you do not have access to this report on the internet, Kate can send you a copy or you can pick one up from the Riverland Wine Office at the Loxton Research Centre. 

Read the report now…

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