Golden Win for Cirami

Cirami Estate’s 2015 Saperavi has been awarded the Grand Gold prize in the Saperavi World Prize held in Tbilisi, Georgia.

“An interesting fact is that the winning wine Cirami Estate is produced not by a winery but by a non-profit organization called Riverland Vine Improvement Committee, and the wine is called after Richard Cirami, a pioneer in vine selection there”, commented Alexander Kaffka, head of SapPrize organising committee.

RVIC said the win is a huge achievement for a Riverland wine label, and congratulated their winemaker Eric Semmler, from 919 Wines.

Two other Riverland wine producers were awarded medals – Bassham Wines Saperavi Dry Red 2015 (Gold) and Alex Russell Wines Saperavi 2015 Alejandro Saperavi (Gold) and Saperavi 2016 Alejandro Saperavi (Silver)

RVIC has a limited stock of the 2015 Saperavi which can be purchased online. Pre-orders of the 2017 Saperavi can also be made online.


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