Good press for Riverland wine

The Riverland is Australia’s largest organic vineyard and it was great to see a Riverland organic wine getting some positive press in InDaily, Adelaide’s Independent news. In his review entitled ‘Brilliant organics in the Riverland’ Philip White gives Tom’s Drop Premium Shiraz 2015, made by Michael O’Donohoe, a great wrap up, describing it as “really strappy-in-the-craic Shiraz that finds you amusing as it soothes the laughing gear with a fine unctuous syrup”. He goes on to say, “Refreshing, alive, delightful: both satisfying and tantalising, Tom’s Drop is a work of passion that flat out proves you can save a great deal of precious river water and wallow in supple luxury well below 15 per cent alcohol”.

Hailing our efficient use of water in the region, he comments, “It just goes to show what can be done in the Riverland”. Read the article.

This review follows White’s earlier article, also published in InDaily, ‘What’s Leaking Up the River’ where he notes the impact of the Murray-Darling Basin issues on the Riverland as the country’s biggest wine region.


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