Grape and Wine Leaders’ Summit 2015

On August 28 a group of about 40 growers and winemakers will meet in Adelaide.

The twofold purpose of the meeting is to focus on:

  • What the priority areas of focus should be for industry representative bodies to ensure a return to profitability and;
  • How a united industry representative body might be established to develop policy and to tackle priority issues most effectively.

State-based industry bodies have nominated representatives from many of the 60+ wine regions across the country. It is very important that any grower or winemaker who has a point of view about the above, should be able to express those. Summit 2015 organisers have prepared a survey which has been widely distributed. If you have not yet had an opportunity to complete the survey you may do so online, up until Wednesday next week (August 26). By completing this survey you will contribute to the discussions and help to ensure that outcomes meet the needs of industry.

Profitability and policy are crucial concerns for the 7,000 or so winegrower and winemaking businesses across the country; none moreso than those here in the Riverland. The level of input and support for this event will determine just how ambitious the outcomes are. If you have not yet had the time to complete the survey please make time before next Wednesday. If you do not have access to the internet, but want to have your say, ring Chris Byrne to discuss options 0419 555 001.

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