Grape and Wine Technology Delivery Group (GWTDG)

This delivery group, under the chairmanship of Chris Proud, will report progress on the current year’s Grassroots activities including the ‘new clone’ evaluation trials, the Riverland ‘rootstock’ trials, work planned to better understand ‘Blackfoot’, adapting and using digital technologies in the vineyard and potential incubator programs to encourage young Riverland entrepreneurs to explore completely new business propositions.


There will be renewed focus on diversification opportunities into alternative varieties and organic and biodynamic production methods for the less risk-averse producers. Another spray technology field day will be convened and an update regarding more accessible, web-based management tools to assist in reducing vineyard costs while improving outputs will be provided.

The GWTDG will elaborate on a program referred to as the ‘Optimisation Trial’.  Subject to funding approvals and partners this will be the largest, most informative and relevant technical program undertaken to date by Riverland Wine.  Its purpose will be to institute a trial to establish whether the modern day management practices that have revolutionised the almond industry can be applied to the grape and wine industry with similar effect.


Image Source: ookasan

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