Grape sales success

The list of “grapes for sale” as circulated by Riverland Wine to SA wineries every Friday afternoon since mid-November has been very helpful in finding buyers according to Kate Kroemer who liaises with growers with uncontracted fruit. Kate said the list has offered more than 23,000 tonnes to all SA wineries that crush more than 500 tonnes per annum. Interested wineries contact growers directly and in many cases agreement is reached to purchase those grapes. So far almost 17,000 tonnes have been sold with just over 5,000 tonnes remaining on the list. The Association remains hopeful that most of these will be sold before wineries close down for 2015. Some growers have been very pleased to sell grapes to wineries outside the region at better prices than those offered by local wineries. Kate also said thanks to those growers who’ve remembered to let her know when their grapes have been sold so she can keep the list accurate.

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