Great celebration of ‘Our Place’

Congratulations Cassie and Caroline from the ‘Energy and Engineering’ department of Destination Riverland. The event those two ladies produced and presented at Akuna Station last Saturday evening, as part of the state-wide Tasting Australia (TA) program was brilliant.

TA has become part of the annual calendar of major events in South Australia. In a change of direction this year, the organisers decided to convene events in regions around the State, rather than inviting regional food and wine producers to spend a week in Adelaide. It’s all about promoting awareness of the Fine Food and Wine from our Clean South Australian Environment and recognising those individuals and businesses that have developed our reputation and opportunities. It’s also very much about promoting our place on the planet as a fantastic destination for visitors.

Last Saturday achieved all of that when more than 100 partygoers caught busses from each of the main towns across the region and converged on Akuna Station in the late afternoon light. The night was cool but the ‘transparent’ marquee transformed to beautiful riverbank setting into a warm and welcoming place. Peter Kent’s food was more special than ever. Our own singer songwriter, Kelly Menhennett set the vibe and Stacey Lymbery was the consummate compere. The wines were ‘simply the best’. Yep, it was a brilliant night.

Someone was heard to mutter what a shame it was that not a single media person from the TA team made the journey and only one elected member from the four local government authorities was there to witness the celebration but it mattered not. Those who make things happen were there in force and they had a terrific night out in one of this country’s most amazing places.

A huge thank you to the owners of Akuna. The lighting of the ancient cliffs was simply surreal.

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