Great work from Clare Valley

Eutypa Dieback may not seem an issue to Riverland growers but it has certainly made its mark in most other regions in recent years.  The Clare Region Wine Grape Growers’ Association has just launched its Managing Eutypa Dieback – Grower Resource Kit.  Executive Officer, Anna Baum says “This was a Clare growers’ initiative, funded as part of Wine Australia’s regional extension program.  The kit includes three factsheets and 10 short video clips.  Clare growers are keen to share it with the other SA Wine Regions.  Several Clare Valley grape growers were involved in producing these resources with additional input from the Barossa and Adelaide Hills.  It was a real team effort”.  Anna also acknowledged Mark Sosnowski from SARDI who helped with the production and editing of the facts sheets and videos.

She added “I hope that your Riverland members find these useful.  The resources will soon be on the Wine Australia website and also the Clare Region Winegrape Growers Association website.

If you are not sure of what Eutypa Dieback is, the fact sheets are available on the Clare Grape Growers website.

Thanks Anna and very timely.  The Riverland Viticultural Technical Group is meeting on Wednesday, September 28 at Banrock to plan the 2017/18 Extension Program in consultation with Wine Australia.  If you have ideas about ‘Extension’ topics that need some facts sheets or even better, some YouTube footage on issues that you want to know more about please contact our office phone 8584 5816 or email.


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