Green shoots

Recent articles in wine media suggest +there is cause for guarded optimism in regard to a wine industry recovery. There have been positive reports about international marketing events; which is important because it is recovery in some of our traditional markets that will pave the way for recovery of the industry.


Some of these headlines include:

New on-trade campaign to highlight Aussie premium wines
A new campaign dubbed: ‘The Wonderful Wines of Aus’ (no tin men, lions nor Judy Garland but possibly a straw man or two) is aimed to promote premium Australian wine with aboriginal art, fine Australian food in structured food and wine tastings through marketing firm D&D in London. It is intended to demonstrate Australia’s different regions and “lesser known grape varietals”. This is in line with the previously – reported marketing focus on the Australian Grape and Wine Authority (AGWA) focusing on the power of marketing premium wines lifting the Australian category as a whole. Riverland Wine producers are well positioned in this regard with the region’s wide range of alternate and organic wines.

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Australian wine a stand-out performer at Prowein
Prowein is the premier global get-together for international bulk wine traders and is held in Dusseldorf, Germany. In previous years Australian representation has been wanting, albeit stoically supported by Riverland companies. In this current year 39 Australian producers (still not enough it could be said, but an improvement) including Riverland producers, exhibited to an estimated 52,000 international trade visitors. The Australian stand was very popular, with events such as a Masterclass and feature tastings very popular. 

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North America “savours” Australian wine at VIWF
Australia was the ‘theme country’ of the recent Vancouver International Wine Festival (VIWF), and it is estimated that 25,000 consumers enjoyed the Australian exhibit. The trade presence was followed by positive articles in the North American press, and supports the faith in savour as a highly effective marketing exercise. The importance of this development cannot be overstated, as Australian market presence in North America waned following the increased value of the local currency and global financial crisis. 

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While it may take some time for the improved interest in markets to flow through to orders, then to wine value, and to improved value of wine grapes these are all positive signs for the future and a welcome change from negative industry stories in recent times.

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