Growers and wineries: Think ‘lean’

Wine Australia’s commitment to help Riverland growers and wineries improve their businesses and their bottom line by reducing waste and improving efficiency is moving up a gear.

A Lean Production for Growers and Wineries workshop will be held in Renmark at Angove Family Winemakers on Tuesday August 9.  The principles and benefits of ‘lean production’ will be outlined along with ways of doing things to identify and help eliminate hidden, non-essential activities and production steps in the vineyard and the winery.

The workshop will sharpen the focus to help rethink growing and processing practices, reduce high operating costs and simplify day-to-day tasks. Lean production should not be viewed as a budget-cutting exercise or needing to make-do with less – it is a new way of thinking about existing operations. It’s the first step in ‘OPTIMISATION’.

Lean production can be implemented with little or no cost.  It simply requires the knowledge to identify and eliminate wasteful activities, and once implemented, can allow better decision-making to result in reduced expenditure, increased profitability and a happier workplace.

For more information on the many concepts, tools and templates that are used in lean production, The Lean Guide – a primer on lean production for the Australian wine industry, is available on Wine Australia’s Research website.

More information and registrations are available online or by contacting Adrian Loschiavo (08) 8228 2000 or email.

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