Growers’ Night Off

In recent weeks this column has focussed on mental health issues affecting many members of our grower community who are struggling to deal with feeling constantly tired and demotivated; angry or depressed and not knowing what they can do to avoid hurting loved ones. There are many for whom these feelings are increasingly the norm. There is no need to feel as if you have failed. Your predicament is shared by many. Doing something about those feelings can be really hard. The association has liaised with several organisations that specialise in this area and they can help.

The beyondblue big blue bus is currently travelling through each state and territory as part of a 16-month journey across Australia and will visit hundreds of communities encouraging people to ‘Take 1 step’ for better mental health. Over 200 events will be held along the way. As part of the roadshow beyondblue invites winegrape growing families in the Riverland to attend Growers’ Night Off at the Berri Resort Hotel on Wednesday, March 19 at 7pm.

This free event will give farmers and their loved ones the chance to relax, share a meal with mates and increase their resilience to help them deal with the challenges they’re facing.

People interested in attending the Growers’ Night Off can register their interest by emailing or ring Kate 8584 5816 or email her

More information about the national roadshow, and what services are provided, is available on the beyondblue website


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