Hats off to Theo & Co

Theo Yannakoudis is one of that happy breed who really love what they do for a living. His enthusiasm is contagious. His vine nursery, on the outskirts of Loxton, is one of three in the Riverland that supplies grafted vines to South Australian and Eastern States’ growers. He’s been in the industry for 33 years. The family business has more than 100 varietal/clonal combinations. Theo said “Enthusiasm and quality control, at every stage, are the key ingredients to stay ahead of the competition”. His wife Maria and daughter Kaylia do the same with the accounts and book-keeping. They all assist in the nursery. Theo added proudly, Kaylia has been the third nurseryman for a few years now, and part of the staff that Theo calls “our front-line eyes”.

Theo’s is truly a Riverland family Business, another of the region’s hidden gems! While new grafting techniques may take up to three years before showing results, the emphasis on rigorous quality practices in every aspect of the work and Theo’s own ‘hands-on’ approach ensures innovation is always a priority. This is especially important when grafting into pots when there is just a three month window between success and failure.

The nursery supplies one-year old dormant vines in spring and grafted vines in peat-pots in late October, the nursery’s busiest month. “We aim to get it right first go,” said Theo. “Customers outlay a lot of money when ordering vines. With our commitment to quality control, innovation and mechanisation, we can help them achieve their goals more quickly.

Getting it right first time reduces our costs and we can pass-on those savings to customers through our very competitive prices – everybody wins.”

“When I see a patch of our vines planted and in full production, I feel a real sense of personal pride on our part of a job well done.”

Phone Theo to order your next vines 8584 6989 or visit the website.

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