Heat Stress Briefing

Due to significant demand from members, SAWIA has organised for Dr Matt Brearley, Australia’s pre-eminent occupational heat stress consultant, to present a briefing in the Riverland on Tuesday, October 29, 2019.

The briefing will be tailored to the needs of managers with outdoor staff. Attendees will be provided with a practical overview of the issues contributing to worker heat stress, and explore practical, evidence-based strategies to maximise the health, safety and performance of workers exposed to heat.

Topics covered will include:

  • Practical methods for monitoring staff in the field;
  • Hydration and heat storage as two major issues;
  • Implementation of practical cooling strategies;
  • Staff retention through heat stress mitigation; and
  • Emergency management of a heat stressed worker in rural/remote settings.

The briefing will be held from 9 till 11:30am at the Berri Hotel.

For further information, or to register, contact SAWIA by phone (8222 9273) or email.

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