‘Hot’ Water Tender

Australia’s largest permanent water event is well underway.  The Australian Water Tender, launched on June 9 and run exclusively by Waterfind, has already received over 40 Expressions of Interest, totalling 30.5GL of water with a market value of $58.8M

Over the past decade, permanent water prices have increased steadily as market participants better understand market dynamics and the importance of diversifying their assets. 


In South Australia alone, Class 3 water has gone from $1,050 in May 2012 to $3,200/ML in May this year. Waterfind General Manager, Tom Rooney doesn’t expect the interest in South Australian permanent water to idle. “To date the Australian Water Tender has uncovered significant interest in permanent water for buyers and sellers.  With less than two weeks until the tender closes, we expect this interest to ramp up as we near the end of June.”

Those wishing to participate in the Australian Water Tender have just one week till Friday, June 30 to submit their Expressions of Interest, which can be completed online or by calling 1800 890 285.


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