Important Notice – Water Availability

There is no doubt that the next irrigation season is shaping up to be extremely challenging, with initial water allocations being set at 14%. While this is only an initial figure and is likely to be increased as the season progresses, there are still some worrying realities which did not exist during the “Millennium Drought”. These include significant volumes of water being relinquished by irrigators and returned to the environment and greatly increased irrigated crop areas throughout the Basin, and thus increased water demand. Put together, these mean greater demand and less supply. How this plays out in the water market will have a significant effect on your ability to source extra water to ensure vines are kept healthy and an economic crop is produced.

There is no doubt it will be a very challenging season and will require some very careful decision making to meet those challenges.

As they say, “knowledge is power” and to help you address these challenges, Riverland Wine has worked with Wine Australia to obtain funding to develop and run two viticulture specific workshops to help provide that knowledge. These workshops will be very hands on, practical and informative.

These workshops will answer your questions. We have put together a team to provide the best in-depth information available to help you make your water management decisions to meet the challenges. This top-notch team includes:

  1. Aither – recognised specialist consultants and experts in water management policy, markets and economics. They will have three specialists attending to work closely with the participants.
  2. Andrew Weeks – Andrew needs no introduction, being very well known in the region. Andrew’s role is to provide Aither with examples of “real-life” costs of production to assist the economic decisions. Andrew will help keeps things practical and “real”.
  3. Dr Everard Edwards from the CSIRO. Everard is a specialist in vine water requirements and will provide some valuable insights into ways that vine water use can be potentially managed to increase water use efficiency and reduce the seasonal requirements.

At the end of the workshop you will have a better understanding of your best options in the water market, a better understanding of your economic options depending upon the varieties you grow and also some practical ideas on how to get the best outcomes from the water you have available.

Call Kate to register 8584 5816 or email

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