In the starter’s hands

Jo (JB) has been learning about Riverland Wine, its members, its purpose, plans, projects and activities since January 2. Several of the programs marked for delivery in the near future include…


Transitioning the Riverland

This is the title of the revised strategic plan to be published in coming weeks. The management committees have revised the current document to ensure that all members identify the opportunities and benefits arising from next growth cycle of the Australian Wine industry. JB is now well acquainted with core pillars of the update and is working to finalise the content, graphics and presentation.

Market insights

JB has been working with Jim Caddy; studying the work he has produced as part of the program to help all members understand the linkages between the value of a tonne of grapes and the value of a litre of wine. Feedback from this program since mid-2016 has been very positive. It’s time consuming, detailed work. JB will assist Jim in interpreting the data and articulating the messages in such a way as to make it easier to understand and relate to on-farm decision making. The program has given rise to many questions and has strengthened the relationship with the source of most of the information, Wine Australia.

Customer Relationship Management

Several months ago Riverland Wine identified several key organisations that we can develop business partnerships with to build a Customer Relationship Management program (CRM) on a digital platform. We are near to completing the scoping of the program in detail. We will then consult with members and hopefully get the green light to begin the work. With such a ‘tool set’ we will be able to ‘profile’ RW members and develop targeted programs based on common or shared characteristics. JB will be responsible for overseeing the implementation of what will be a major project, likely spread over a 12 month period

Wine Australia Grant Program

In response to the Wine Australia International Wine Tourism – Competitive Grants Program, JB has prepared a discussion paper as a basis for Riverland Wine to approach potential partners, with the capacity to co-invest and collaborate, in an application for a slice of the funding program.

The proposal includes engaging regional tourism experts, SMA Tourism to help analyse the current wine tourism offering in the region, to identify strengths and gaps and prepare a plan for future wine tourism industry development. Our current ideas include the development of a Wine Tourism App to alert tourists to the sites and activities in the region, and the planning stage for the creation of several tourist service centres to showcase and sell regional wine, produce and tourist offerings. This is an exciting opportunity to raise awareness of the region’s gems in wine, food and tourism offerings. The consultations are ongoing with new ideas and concepts being added to the mix regularly. If you have ideas or suggestions don’t hesitate to call Jo on 8584 6399.

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