Industry Roundtable

Riverland Wine has been invited to participate in a Round Table Conference next week to help develop a proposal that contemplates a union of the Wine Grape Council of SA (WGCSA) and the South Australian Wine Industry Association (SAWIA). Industry bodies have been surveyed during the past 12 months and there seems to be a consensus that the State bodies could be more relevant and able to deliver a wider range of benefits if a unity model is developed.

Issues that would normally be managed at the State level include: Occupational Health Safety and Welfare (OHSW), Industrial Relations, Environmental Management Systems, Licensing Laws and Tourism. The State Government is reliant upon the SA wine industry bodies to provide advice around policy settings for those sorts of issues.

This roundtable provides a good opportunity for regional representatives to review the purpose and objectives of state organisations and the way these bodies are funded. Riverland Wine chair Sheridan Alm and EO Chris Byrne will attend the talks and report back in the coming weeks.

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