Now is the time to…

Determine the need for additional control options from this point on. Time is fast running out to find solutions to potential problems with chemical withholding periods closing rapidly with the onset of harvest.

How did you fare with the recent weather events? Consult the CropWatch message issued on January 6 for more information of disease risk from wet weather events at this time of year.


Sustained rainfall and leaf wetness can lead to various disease concerns and strategies must be employed to determine if treatment may be necessary.

There are various factsheets that have been written about each disease, its lifecycles, potential for crop loss and treatment options. Visit the AGWA website for more information.

Continue to rigorously monitor your vineyards. Stick your head into the canopies and have a look and a sniff to find out what is going on.

If something doesn’t look or smell right, or if you are unsure, contact someone who might be able to help you determine if there is a problem.

Winery staff will help growers produce clean fruit at harvest. It makes better wine. Don’t hesitate to ask your GLO or other advisers if you do not have a GLO. Risk of crop loss must be weighed against the ability to use various control options and the cost of using them.

If you think you do not need to spray any more, be kind to your equipment and give it a thorough clean out, wash down and protective coating (both inside and out) before you put it into the shed. A bit of TLC will help you look after your significant investment in this crucial piece of equipment.

Now is also the time to… Keep an eye on the weather forecast. Water vines up to help them survive heat events, but be prepared to wind them back down again with cooler weather. Excessive water in cooler conditions may lead to reinvigoration of vine canopies with new, fresh growth becoming apparent, usually something to avoid at this time of year.

Are you ready for harvest? Have you liaised with your harvesters and carriers? Are your tractors, forklifts, trailers and loading bays all ready? Preventative maintenance helps keep things moving when you are under the pressure to harvest in a hurry!

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