Irrigation Efficiencies

Wine Australia recently announced a collaborative project between Riverland Wine and Adelaide University has been successful.

Wine Australia’s Incubator Program encourages industry organisations to work with research institutions, offering an opportunity for an early career researcher to undertake work proposed by the industry partner, in this case Riverland Wine

The aim of the project is to help growers improve their ability to accurately determine a vine’s daily water requirements throughout the season so that irrigation applications match water use by the vine. Without knowing how much water the vines have used, growers can only guess at the amount needed to replenish it.

The project will lead to a very simple system whereby the daily weather data collected by local weather stations will be used to simply calculate the water usage for the vines, in your vineyard, under the current weather conditions. This will be a major step forward in minimising irrigation wastage and better budgeting the use of available water. This will be a unique development for Australian vineyards.

The project will be undertaken by Dr Vinay Pagay; well known in the region and a popular choice. Despite the Riverland’s reputation for water use efficiency, Vinay sees even more opportunities by applying simple, cutting edge science and technology in the way we irrigate vines. Field day visits to the site will be offered to show ‘n tell when it is set up and operating, later in the year.

Riverland Wine will provide updates as the project progresses.

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