Irrigation Management Program – Case Studies

Riverland Wine correspondent Alex Milner-Smyth has been working with the NRM Board to prepare a number of Case Studies that reveal how some Riverland Irrigation businesses have achieved excellent irrigation outcomes from the funding program. The Irrigation Management program has helped South Australia demonstrate national best practice in water use for irrigation, by providing practical and relevant support to irrigators in the Murray-Darling Basin region. The program has recognised that sustainable water use throughout the Basin will only be achieved if the strategic approach addresses national issues as well as those at the local level. The whole purpose of the program is to ensure the programs achieve greatly improved irrigation efficiencies within the context of drought, climate change and food security.

The South Australian Murray-Darling Basin Natural Resources Management Board (SAMDB NRM) has taken on the key role of a Delivery Partner in the Australian Government’s Sustainable Rural Water Use and Infrastructure Program. The program aims to help irrigation communities make early adjustments in anticipation of the new Murray-Darling Basin cap on water extractions. So far, over $20 million has been invested in more than 140 irrigation modernisation projects in the region.

Funded by the Australian Government’s Water for the Future initiative, these projects help increase water use efficiency in rural Australia and are focused on delivering substantial and lasting returns of water for the environment, securing a long-term future for irrigation communities and delivering value for money. This has also ensured that South Australia remains at the forefront of sustainable irrigation practices, and the Irrigation Management program will continue working in partnership with the irrigation community to achieve this outcome.

Over the next three weeks this column will feature three case studies beginning this week with the program undertaken by Angoves Family Winemakers at the Murtho Road Vineyards. Read the case study here. 

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