Now is the time to…

This year’s vintage is over the halfway point and there are many vines ready for post-harvest care. Irrigation post-harvest is worthwhile and useful for retaining the leaves on the vines for as long as possible after harvest.
Adequate root zone soil moisture levels should be maintained – but don’t apply unnecessary water that may encourage new growth. Excessive water stress at this stage can result in damage to the bunches developing inside the buds that produce next season’s crop, reducing the crop potential.

Ensure adequate root zone moisture levels are maintained throughout autumn and vine dormancy. Make sure the soil moisture levels are regularly monitored and topped up as required, as vines continue to require water, even after leaf fall.

Application of leaching irrigations to control salt build-up is preferable at the end of winter after winter rains – usually in late July to August. Leaching irrigations immediately post-harvest are usually less efficient – and valuable nutrients that would otherwise be accumulating in the vine may seep out.

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