Keeping safe: COVID-19 guidelines for vineyard workers

The AWRI and Australian Grape and Wine have developed guidelines to help protect workers undertaking pruning and other vineyard activities from the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

All businesses engaging workers have a legal obligation to ensure the health and safety of their workers and others at the workplace and must follow the advice from the Department of Health and the relevant state and territory governments. Each workplace is required to comply with public health directions and physical distancing. It is recommended that all activity in the vineyard is documented – including visitors, hygiene protocols and any illnesses or symptoms reported by employees.

Before pruning starts, all workers, including contractors, must be informed of their health and safety responsibilities. When engaging contractors, it is best practice to formalise the roles and responsibilities of the workers using a contractor induction agreement before any work commences.

Topics covered include: worker health; personal hygiene; physical distancing; sharing tools and equipment; and maintaining a clean workplace.

More information is available on the AGW website, or by contacting the AWRI helpdesk phone 8313 6600 or email.

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