Knowing the Numbers – Growing the Numbers

Successful business owners agree that having accurate information is vital for making business decisions. To achieve a business goal, it is crucial to be able to (accurately) measure income and (all) expenses. It’s often easy to work ‘in’ your business instead of working ‘on’ your business. It is absolutely essential to spend some time each week reviewing your business and understanding your numbers.

This discipline will enable you to know if you’re on track towards achieving your goals and to adjust your plans where needed. Riverland Wines’ Know Your Numbers on-line program can help. The program will calculate and analyse gross margins, net farm profit, returns per variety, per megalitre, per hectare or per tonne and many other useful outputs.

The recent re-launch of Know Your Numbers has been successful with over 35 people having attended tutorials throughout the Riverland. Know Your Numbers is proving popular, with encouraging feedback from many who have commenced the program. Know Your Numbers is simple to use, and quickly highlights areas of opportunity in any vineyard business.

Julie Robertson of Riverland Wine is available for consultation on a one-on-one basis, either at the Loxton office or in your home office. Please contact Julie on 0438 822 148 or to discuss Know Your Numbers training for your business.

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