Learn hand pruning from an expert

Last year as we crept into winter, Riverland Wine fielded a number of calls from members looking for hand pruners. A few old gems were discovered and they re-visited ‘the good old days’ of fresh mornings, crystal clear warm days, bird calls rarely heard from the tractor seat and the peaceful rhythm of snip, snip, snip. No phones, no ding-ding emails, no meetings just the incredible sense of satisfaction from working with the beautiful vines, tidying them up, preparing them for the next growing season.

This year, there have been more calls. Where can I find hand pruners? We don’t have a long list of names, but we do have Kate Strachan and we do have Trevor Noble. Kate is a gifted, passionate wine grower. Trevor runs GrowSmart. Kate’s called Riverland Wine and offered to train anyone who wants to learn the art and skills of hand pruning.

There must be dozens of people in our Riverland community who would enjoy getting out in the vineyards, working with the vines, soaking up some winter sun and earning a few bucks as well. ‘Gun pruners’ can earn decent dollars and the work they do for the vines generates longevity, sustainability and beautiful wine.

So get amongst the vines. Give Trevor a call 0448 328 227 or email him, and he will sort it out with Kate.


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