London Wine Fair, Riverland Success

For over 35 years, the London Wine Fare has been a launch pad for new wines and businesses supplying wine into the UK. The fair is one of the world’s leading wine trade events, with over 500 exhibitors from across the globe showing some 13,000 wines. In recent years, the programme seminars, masterclasses and tastings that take place at the fair have been increasingly important and form a key part of the trade fair’s make up.

In recognition of the outstanding alternative variety wines produced in recent years, Riverland Wine was invited by Wine Australia to conduct an exclusive ‘Gems of the Riverland’ tasting and masterclass at this year’s event. The tasting was hosted by Philip Reedman, one of only 336 Master of Wine globally, with over 30 years experience in the Australian wine industry.

Philip presented an exceptional range of wines selected to transform the perception of Riverland wines. These wines illustrate the region’s diversity, innovative spirit, and preparedness for the future.

The wines tasted included: 2015 Byrne Vineyards Antiquarian Rare Field White, 2013 Bassham Wines Lagrein, 2013 Mallee Estate Tempranillo, 2013 Whistling Kite Montepulciano, 2015 919 Reserve Collection Touriga Nacional, 2012 Kingston Estate Eminent Petit Verdot.

The tasting was fully subscribed with over 80 attendees. Philip’s comments were:

“I was delighted with the event overall and believe it repaid all the hard work put in by the team in Australia and rewarded Wine Australia’s UK team for their trust in us to deliver a great event.”

Upon his return, Phil has managed include the 2015, 919 Reserve Collection Touriga Nacional into the Wine Australia tasting being held in Taipei later this month.

It is through strategic alliances with wine industry influencers such as Wine Australia that the region’s vision to be recognised for precision and reliability will transition to a region that readily responds to market demands and adapt quickly and competitively to the changing preference of the global wine consumer can come to fruition.

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