Making a mark  

The Arable Mark 2 is an IoT-enabled all-in-one weather station and crop monitoring solution – the first of its kind to synthesise both climate and plant data to produce actionable insights for irrigation, crop protection, and harvest planning – enabling grape growers, winemakers, and advisors to make informed decisions around labour, inputs, or harvest further in advance and with more certainty, turning data into value and delivering proven ROI.

The Mark 2 is unmatched in simplicity, durability and accuracy. Solar-powered and connecting reliably via LTE-M and 4G cellular networks, the device installs in minutes, deploys with the press of a button and with no moving parts, requires no maintenance. Machine-learning technology allows for continuous improvement and reliability of data through an extensive calibration and validation partnerships with global research institutions.

Arable’s suite of cloud-based software solutions features an intuitive and user-friendly web app, a mobile app for in-the-moment decision support, frost and heat spike alerts, and a robust API for integration with other analytical platforms. Auxiliary sensors, such as soil moisture probes, anemometers, and pressure switches, connect to the Mark via the Arable Bridge, which seamlessly integrates third-party data into the Arable platform, allowing for complete in-field visibility and informed decision-making.

To discover the full capabilities of the Mark 2 weather station and crop monitor contact D3Ag by phone 0419 476 285/1300 645 088 or email or visit the website.

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