Marketing and Public Relations Delivery Group (MPRDG)

Andrew Cheesman, as chair of this group, has overseen the Marketing Action Plan that has led to activities ranging from prompting debate about the relevance of South Eastern Australia (SEA) as an appellation, to investing in programs that will differentiate the Riverland from other inland regions in the most positive ways.


This group includes Master of Wine, Phil Reedman and Wine marketing gem Lynda Schenk as well as several key Riverland wine producers. The MPRDG liaises closely with Wine Australia to align respective strategies and position Riverland wine producers, large and small, to have the choice of participating in programs wherever there is an opportunity to raise awareness and recognition of the region’s outstanding wine offerings, to build confidence more broadly among members and to move the conversation about the Riverland away from price, bulk and commoditisation to one about style, purity, diversity, capacity, innovation and beauty of the region and the river.

The marketing group shares responsibility with the other two groups to invest in educating and mentoring the local Riverland Wine community on the ability of the region to quickly respond to markets on a commercial scale but also to be aware of consumer trends, market mechanics and export readiness. These activities will be reported at the meetings.


 Image Source: elenabsl

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