Riverland Wine Member Meetings

Last week Riverland Wine conducted a series of regional meetings to bring together growers, winemakers, and wineries. The purpose of these meetings was to share and connect and support a culture of collaboration across our region and industry.

Meetings were held in Waikerie, Renmark and Loxton from Wednesday, November 4 to Friday, November 6 and captured stories and updates of both current and planned activities.

During the meeting, key topics included:

  • Meeting the new General Manager – Jo Pippos
  • Updates on the Riverland Horticulture Futures Group activities to date, including an upcoming meeting with the ACCC Deputy Chair Mick Keough
  • Current Riverland Wine project updates – Hands off Hectares and Riverland on the Verge
  • Updated Pricing outlook for the 2021 Vintage
  • Upcoming events – Are you Bogged Mate? And EcoVineyards Field Day
  • Member Engagement – our upcoming communications program and how you can get involved
  • Website and CRM – What Riverland Wine members will be able to access on our site
  • Fostering Pride– building regional pride in our wine and ourselves; it all starts with us!
  • Code of Conduct – update on the Code of Conduct for Winegrape Purchases and what it means for growers
  • AWRI Irrigation Survey – outline of what the survey will achieve and how your answers do matter.
  • Cooperative Research Councils – what are they and how are Riverland Wine involved?

I thank those that made it to the meetings and for their valuable input and feedback, and it was a great opportunity to chat with everyone following the hearty breakfasts provided by the venues. As I mentioned at the meetings, I have been welcomed to the industry with open arms, and for that I am appreciative.

I feel that there is a vast opportunity for us to work together as a united and cohesive industry, especially in the inland regions. Together we can tackle issues and obstacles that are unique to our climate and terroir.

As the African proverb says “If you want to go fast, go alone. if you want to go far, go together”.

I look forward to meeting more of you as time goes by.

– Jo Pippos, General Manager Riverland Wine

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