Minimising agriculture road accidents

Agriculture is a major industry in rural Australia and contributes significantly to employment, sales and service incomes. This necessitates the use of large vehicles and machinery to support the production, collection and movement of agricultural products and occasionally occurs as movement on the public road system


Although Australian accident data is patchy and incomplete, in the past decade there have been at least 577 accidents involving agricultural vehicles and trailers resulting in 24 fatalities and 278 injuries. These figures illustrate that the presence of agricultural vehicles on roads raises unique sets of safety concerns.

An online survey is being conducted by James Cook University about large agricultural vehicles on public roads in Australia. The research is being funded by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and National Farmers’ Federation.

The aim of the research study is to explore people’s attitudes and awareness and their thoughts on road sharing and road safety.

The survey is open until April 15 It takes about 10 minutes to complete and responses are anonymous.

The survey, which is open until April 15, takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. Survey responses are anonymous.


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