More specifically…

This project is driven by grower demands to develop a Digital Vineyard Guidance System that will help growers improve production processes, manage risks and drive significant improvements in vineyard profitability and sustainability.

The guidance system represents a technology ‘platform’ that can provide real-time information on the current status of a vineyard or production area—at high spatial and temporal resolutions and across a broad range of production critical variables (e.g. water and disease status, bud count) by leveraging new technologies and capabilities (i.e. robotics, AI, machine vision and remote sensing) and integrating these data streams into a single digital ‘point of truth’. When coupled with predictive tools and the capability to control aspects of vine management at the plant level (e.g. canopy management, variable rate watering), this platform allows production inputs to be more tightly controlled, augments production outputs and therefore improves business profitability.

The digital vineyard guidance system includes the following components: new sensing and retrieval capabilities; data visualisation and analytics; prediction and intervention capabilities.

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