New Employment Tool

And while we are on the topic of using screens and keyboards to avoid time wasting frustration, the Wine Industry Suppliers Association (WISA) has alerted us to a new product designed to remove the frustrations around employment of seasonal workers.


The product has been developed in New Zealand by start-up company, Cohelix but it is cloud-based, meaning that potential users right here in the Riverland can logon and run a free trial.

This new product claims to take the pain out of many of the troublesome, time-consuming start-up problems when there is a need to engage new employees while ensuring compliance with increasing obligations around employment contracts, induction, training, visas, safety, entitlements and insurance as well as payroll and superannuation etc. 

For many producers, this whole area of employing staff is a major overhead with very little opportunity for meaningful returns on short term or even permanent staff.

The Cohelix platform allows viticulture employers to complete, check, sign and store employment documentation online.  Chief Executive Nicole McCallum says the platform makes it easy for businesses to bring new employees on board and meet their employer obligations.  She added “Sometimes someone might only stay for half a day, but it takes you half an hour to set them up.”

Having everything on the notebook and being able to coordinate everything and bring it together in one place, whether in the office or on the vineyard, is far more efficient, she says. “It’s all one paperless trail. No more boxes and boxes of paper…We can check everything straight away, before people even sign the contract.”
Cohelix co-founder Alex Komarovsky says the start-up designed the tool with input from the likes of Vinecraft, to ensure companies get best value from it.  Visit the website now and sign up for a free, no obligation trial.  It may just save you hours and hours of paperwork and endless worry about compliance.

To learn more about Cohelix visit the website, or sign up for a free trial.


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