New water trade dashboards

New water trade dashboards, which provide better information about the trading of water allocations and entitlements relevant to the South Australian River Murray Trading Zone, have been made available by the State Government.

Minister for Environment and Water David Speirs said the dashboards have been devised to help South Australian irrigators better understand the dynamics of the water market and inform water trading decisions.  

“The information we’ve made available includes price data, volumes traded and the number of trades each month as well as graphs that plot average prices through time” said Minister Speirs.

“Having the data more easily accessible is another step in the Marshall Liberal Government’s commitment to ensuring people in the community who rely on the River Murray have access to timely information about water allocations.

“The dashboard is updated daily and will be an especially valuable resource for people planning ahead, given the current dry conditions.”

The water trade dashboards, and more information about water markets and trade, can be accessed via the Department for Environment and Water’s website.

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