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Future Leaders applications are now open. This is a professional and personal development program that creates a network of confident, committed individuals who will “be next” to contribute the future success of the Australian wine community.

Future Leaders will be offered to 15 applicants who have demonstrated a commitment to the Australian wine industry. People with open, creative, inquisitive minds; who are early- to mid-career and already demonstrating leadership potential are invited to apply to participate in the grape and wine sector’s leadership program. Why not nominate someone you know?

Over the past 10 years, the program has produced 75 alumni from the grape and wine community: winemakers; grape growers and viticulturists; business managers and marketers; suppliers and researchers. RWGA Chair, Sheridan Alm, elected committee member Ashley Ratcliff and, Riverland Wine’s recently appointed Business Manager; Andrew Weeks are all graduates of the Future Leaders program.

AGWA Program Manager Anne Duncan said that Future Leaders is for committed wine people who want to develop leadership skills, extend their knowledge of the sector and foster collaborative partnerships. “We’re looking for emerging leaders who have demonstrated their commitment to the prosperity of Australian wine – innovators, collaborators and game-changers who not only ask questions but also seek solutions.”

The successful applicants will commence a six-month program in June, including four face-to-face sessions across the country.

Applications are now open and will close Friday, March 13, 2015. For more information visit

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