Nuclear energy – have an opinion?

There’s no shortage of topics to ruminate during the long hours in the harvester, towing bins or driving to and from wineries at this time of year. One major consideration, lurking just off centre stage, is ‘The Nuclear Fuel Cycle’. A Royal Commission was established during the last vintage to undertake an independent and comprehensive investigation into the feasibility; viability, risks and opportunities associated with a potential expansion of the nuclear fuel cycle in South Australia.

The Commission will shortly present its tentative findings ahead of a 5-week public review period. South Australia is participating in four areas of activity that form part of the nuclear fuel cycle. These activities relate to the potential for the expansion of exploration and extraction of minerals, and the undertaking of further processing of minerals and manufacture of materials containing radioactive substances, use of nuclear fuels for electricity generation and the storage and disposal of radioactive and nuclear waste.

The Commission must consider the feasibility and viability as well as the risks and opportunities and take account of likely future impacts on the South Australian economy, environment and community. Measures that might need to be taken to facilitate and regulate these activities must also be given reported on. Public meetings to provide information on the tentative findings and public feedback process will take place across South Australia from next week including in Renmark on Thursday, February 18 at 6pm in the Galaxy Room at the Renmark Hotel.

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